GMO Film - o Some ppl have allergic reactions for not...

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GMO Film Growing food Pesticide spraying o Increased costs o Polluted water Right to patent o Shouldn’t be able to patent a part of nature o Patented life o Giving ppl power to own species o Monsanto Owns a lot of patents Percy Schmeiser o farmer o Uses roundup for his wheat o Lawsuit from Monsanto o Infringement on patent o Couldn’t use some of his seeds because they were contaminated with Monsanto something Rodney nelson o Farmer o Also accused for infringement from Monsanto Farmers depend on primary seed source Farmers finding canola in their field that wasn’t there before Never wanted canola in their fields Genetic biology and bio technology o Invading cells could lead to bacteria and viruses o Antibiotic marker gene Could contribute to problem Tomato o First genetic-altered food out Gene modified food
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Unformatted text preview: o Some ppl have allergic reactions for not knowing whats in their food GRAS o Generally recognized as safe Labeling GMOs o Yes on 27 o Mother wants food to be labeled for genetically engineered food o Labeling could save lives Allergic reactions o Ppl around the world are concerned with GE food Spraying more and more How did it get approved by gov o Dan Quayle Corn high in Mexico o Cheaper to get imported American corn o Prefer to grow their native corn variety o Tastes better than American corn o Mexico, your landscape is corn. Around the world, there was resistance against us GM crops Loss to farmer = $1 for every unit Gain = $3.20 (?) America subsidizes its crops...
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GMO Film - o Some ppl have allergic reactions for not...

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