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BIO September 15

BIO September 15 - • no tricky qs • only one correct...

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Bio September 15, 2009 Qs on more recent chapters 20 mult choice 30points of short answers (most likely 2pts each) all vary though short bonus question qs from textbook some qs from textbook that havent been covered in class o just couple of points review is on powerpoints no history stuff (years) may be asked importance of experiments (touched a little on it in test) short answers read qs carefully mult choice are short written section o look at how much its worth depending on how much to write o 3- list important concepts, three of them o can write more but not needed for like a 2pt q
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Unformatted text preview: • no tricky qs • only one correct answer o one choice is sometimes ridiculous o eliminate down to 2 o just recognize the answer o always go with first answer OR convince yourself why you changed it • 50pt exam • everything mixed up • can use diagrams (hint hint) o must be fully labeled • definitions don’t have to be exact o use key words and phrases o understand what it means • no chemistry stuff • polar and nonpolar means • no balancing of equations or anything...
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