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BIO lab study sheet - Bio Lab Study Sheets Lab 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio Lab Study Sheets Lab 4 Definitions: Specific enzyme a particular enzyme will only affect the rate of a specific reaction; specificity depends on the enzymes shape of active site Active site portion of enzyme the binds the substrate and causes chemical reaction Substrate what is at the active site before enzymes make it into a product Product formed from the substrate Notes: Enzymes o Accelerate the reaction rates of chemical processes o Analogous to inorganic catalysts o Are catalysts o Affect only the reaction rate o Lower the activation energy needed to convert reactants to products o Are proteins Factors that affect shape and function of enzyme o Temperature o pH o enzyme inhibitors Increasing reaction rates = important for cellular metabolism Enzymes binds to substrate at active site, chemical reaction, product is made o Enzyme is not consumed in reaction o It releases when product is made and attaches to another substrate Breaking down H2O2 with o Catalase o Peroxidase Rate of a chemical reaction may be studied by o Measuring the pressure of product as it appears o Measuring rate of disappearance of substrate o Measuring rate of appearance of product Experiment o Use Logger Pro program and gas pressure sensor o Part 1 Yeast = enzyme Volume H2O2 = substrate Independent variable: number of drops of yeast Control: volume of H2O2 o Finding rate of enzyme activity Its slope on graph o Part 2 Measuring rate in different temps Independent variable: temp Controls: volume H2O2 and volume enzyme o Part 3 Measuring rate in different pH levels...
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BIO lab study sheet - Bio Lab Study Sheets Lab 4...

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