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BIO Genetic Biotechnology notes - o Can make a fly grow...

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Genetic Biotechnology Can put GFP into DNA Make chickens have no feathers Make fishes grow a lot bigger than usual Can mess with genes DNA technological toolbox o DNA polymerase: used in labs (taq polymerase: found in a bacteria, Thermaphilus aquaticus) o Ligase: inserts DNA in org and glues It in o Restriction enzymes: cuts the DNA at specific sites Found in bacteria Protects them from viruses Looking for pieces of viral DNA and cutting it out Two ways to cut Looks for very specific sites to cut Four to seven bases Will always cut at that specific region o Recombinant DNA: DNA from two different sourfes like one from cow put into pig, its recombined o Cloning o Transgene o Transgenic organism o Vector Main: bacterial plasmid RE and ligase together used to cut and paste Electro o Small is easier to move through? o The bigger the gel, the harder for it to move through Promoters
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Unformatted text preview: o Can make a fly grow legs where the antennas are o Moving around a promoter for one gene and putting it onto another gene o Might not become functional o Just proves that you can express something in another area where it isn’t supposed to be expressed • PCR: o Polymerase chain reaction o Making many copies of DNA fragment o Invention: cools and heats DNA quickly Heat: separates into two strands Cool: tells the polymerase where to get on Repeat process • Causes a doubling process making millions of copies o Application Wooly mammoth • Ancient DNA becomes degraded Forensics • Hair with some cells for DNA • Blood, skin cells, etc contains your DNA • Build the number of the DNA up through PCR to get a lot of that DNA Fetal Viral detection • Find viruses Biotech o Uses List on slide o...
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BIO Genetic Biotechnology notes - o Can make a fly grow...

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