BIO Chp 13 notes

BIO Chp 13 notes - o 6 genotypes homo A Hetero A Homo B...

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Chp 13: Mendel and the Gene: Patterns of Inheritance Pea Traits o Studied different traits o 1 gene, 2 allele control o monohybrid cross one trait crossing kept breeding until they were homozygous pea plants called true breeding PP and pp, no Pp Genotype: 1:2:1 ratio always Phenotype: 3:1 ratio always Law of segregation o 2 alleles for every trait o one from each parent o separate from meiosis and end up in different gametes Law of independent Assortment o Allele pairs separate independently from each other Know the terminology (slide) Genotype o 1:2:1 Phenotype o What you see Testcross o Determining unknown genotype Variations of dominance o Complete dominance Tay-sachs o Codominance Blood groups: AB Coat colors in animals: mixture of colors but DONOT blend, instead patches of colors o Incomplete dominance F1 generation is a blend of P generation Red + white = pink Multiple genes, more variation Blood groups
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Unformatted text preview: o 6 genotypes: homo A, Hetero A, Homo B, Hetero B, Hetero AB, Homo O o 4 phenotypes: A, B, AB, O o 3 alleles: A, B, O o single gene for antigen o O = universal donor o AB = universal receiver • Pleiotrophy o Single gene o Many phenotypes o Sickle cells leads to different phenotypes • Polygenic inheritance o 6 genes o none of 6 genes = white pigment o all of 6 genes = dark pigment • epistasis o gene at one locus affects phenotypical expression of another expression of a gene somewhere else o ex: yellow labradors have dark skin underneath but dark color does not get onto the hair pieces causing it to be yellow • environmental effects o temp changing color during early expressions of genes cooler = darker warmer = lighter o pH of flowers depend on its color but genetically identical • genetic diseases run in families o pedigrees...
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BIO Chp 13 notes - o 6 genotypes homo A Hetero A Homo B...

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