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writing a lab report outline

writing a lab report outline - Present your data Tables and...

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How to Write a Good Chemistry Lab Report Title page informative title name date course name and lab section # lab partner instructor’s name Abstract summary of report tells reader what to expect name general methods used brief description of results and major conclusions 1-2 paragraphs Intro What is experiment all about and why was it done? Purpose of experiment Theory behind major methods used in experiment Pertinent equations Background info needed to understand the experiment Hypothesis Experimental Method How exactly was the experiment done Provide sufficient detail for experiment to be repeated precisely If followed a protocol from lab manual with no modifications, simply cite lab manual and relevant pages o If there were changes, cite lab manual and indicate the specific changes made. Results Include all raw data from experiment
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Unformatted text preview: Present your data Tables and graphs o Titles, legend, labeled rows, o Numbered sequentially from beginning of lab report Discussion MOST IMPORTANT PART IN REPORT Interpret meaning of data and draw conclusions Show an understanding of chemistry behind procedure if explanation is needed 1 Data from tables and graphs that supports conclusions must be referred to specifically Cite data when drawing conclusions Data can also be compared to results from literature Errors o How they may have affected your result Suggestions for changes Reference Reference guidelines from American Chemical Society http://chemistry.library.wisc.edu/writing/acs-style-guidelines.html , or http://www.monroecc.edu/depts/library/acs.htm . Spring, 2010 2...
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writing a lab report outline - Present your data Tables and...

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