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Exam 2 note - Exam 2 Greece 1 Pre-Classical Greece a...

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Exam 2 Greece 1. Pre-Classical Greece: a. Cycladic Culture-Greek Island b. Helladic Culture-Greek mainland c. Minoan Culture-Island of Crete Early Minoan Art i. Cycladic Idols, Geometric simplification: Triangles, rectangles, cylinders Minoan Architecture ii. Palace of Knossos, urban culture in the Western hemisphere, numerous fresco painting in the palace Fresco Paintings 1. Bull-vaulting Fresco -Knossos- movement, human form, follow Egyptian convention women for ligter skin and men for darker skin Minoan Sculpture and Ceramics iii. The Octopus Jar, Ceramics, full of life d. Mycenaean Culture-Greek mainland associated with Mycenae Greek Pottery a. Geometric Krater from the Diplylon. Greek art after Doric invasion was pottery b. Euphronios Krater, red figure panting on ceramics krater 2. Archaic Greek Sculpture: a. Metropolitan Kouros , marble, male figure, standing upright still, geometric shapes 3. Classical Greek Sculpture: a. Kritio Boy , knowledge of weight shift, idealized human proportions, movement, more clarify than before b. Polykleitos, Doryphoros=spear bearer Doric and Ionic Orders Doric Order : Associated with mainland Greece, simpler. Plain, cushion-life capitals Ionic Orders : associated with Asia Minor, decorative, recent 4. High Classical Architecture: a. Iktinos and Kallikrates , The Parthenon, uneven pavement, structure, optical illusion of land 5. Hellenistic: -It’s coincided with the decline of Athens, it shows more of facial expression, exaggerate a. Dying Gaul , Expressionism b. Laocoon, Trojan Priest, he and his sons, madness, pain, and despair
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Rome 1. Republican Rome a. Head of Old Man , marble, express veritas -truth and severitas -serious 2. Imperial Rome a. Augustus of Primaporta , marble, admiration of Greek models, Emperors were seen as god-like b. Colosseum , Rome, two semi-circular theaters enclosing an oval arena; example of Roman public works c. The pantheon ,
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