Paine Masturbators

Paine Masturbators - B y M i i t i n B auml D uberman ABOUT...

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By M;iitin Bauml Duberman ('hurl™ /'rands Adams, 1807-1886 Tin- Antisluvcrv \ 'milliard: New Essays on the Abolitionists, a I. James Russell Lowell In White America The Uncompleted Past The Memory Bank lilack Mountain: An Exploration in Community Male Armor: Selected Plays, 1968-1974 Visions of Kerouac ABOUT TIME: Exploring the Gay Past by Martin Bauml Duberman A Sea Horse Book Gay Presses of New York New York City 1986
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IM7K III K I'KHII.S OK MASTURBATION Certain \uhjci v.v heing timeless, we take as our text for today's lesson Dr. N. i'.mmonx I'aine'x 1X78 essay, " Masturbators.and What Shall lie Hone With I hem." Dr. I'aine was an attending physician (not a patient) at the New York \lale Homoeopathic Insane Asylum. His essay first appeared in I he Iransactions of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York, a publication that—for those with a lurid cast of mind <'<in he read in its entirety in the archives of the New York Academy of Medicine. Gigglers he forewarned: Dr. I'aine was no freakish crank: views such as his were commonplace among physicians in Victorian America and, in modified form, still have residual influence. Think, if you will, of today's priests or athletic coaches admonishing their flocks to practice continence, drawing direct equations between "spilling one's seed" and, respectively, wanton sin or loss of "vitality." Think, too, if you can the exercise will probably come easiest to
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Paine Masturbators - B y M i i t i n B auml D uberman ABOUT...

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