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Outline 2 Introduction part 2

Outline 2 Introduction part 2 - Outline 1 Part I Theories...

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Outline 1: Part I: Theories and Terminology (Introduction) I. Gender a ) Men and Women before the invention of Gender (Antiquity-17 th Century) Women viewed as incomplete or underdeveloped men (there is no biological understanding of Sex) Aristotle (384-322 BC)= Women had low temperatures and could not grow genitals Religion: Adam & Eve (Eve is a part of Adam) b) Emergence of “biological” gender (18 th -20 th Centuries) Despite the liberalizing effects of the Enlightenment and Revolutionary Era , the argument for inferiority and the denial for equal rights could be based on scientific principle Since the 19 th Century, folks assumed that both gender-role and biological gender were mutually inclusive (or one-in-the same). c) Biological gender vs. “gender role” The male gender is identified as having both a penis and a Y Chromosome while the female sex or gender is determined by their absence Is “gender role” or identity determined by this biological difference?
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