HIS393.02 - 1 HIS 393.02 Sexual Politics in Modern Europe...

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HIS 393.02 Sexual Politics in Modern Europe Spring 2011 Javits Lecture Room 101 Instructor TA Ron Van Cleef Kathryn Troy Office: SBS N-308 Office: SBS S-336 OH: M/W. _5:30-6:30 OH: M/W 5:20-6:20 EM: ronvancleef@aol.com EM: josnarffle@yahoo.com I. Course Description: Sexual Politics in Modern Europe This course examines how different interpretations of sexuality shaped the modern nation-state and the concept of citizenship in Europe. Themes include gender-role construction, theories of sexual identity, state regulation of sexual behavior, the dynamics between sexuality and nationalism, notions of sexual liberation, and the rise of gay and lesbian emancipation movements. Although this course will address a broad range of issues related to sexuality in Europe, it will primarily focus on events and issues in England, France and Germany. Requirements include one paper, two assignments, final exam, as well as mandatory attendance. Additional assignments may be announced during the semester. Students should have a general knowledge of European history before attending this class . . II. Readings can be purchased at the campus bookstore: Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality: An Introduction, Volume I (Vintage Books Edition, 1990). ISBN 0-679-72469-9 Annette F. Timm and Joshua Sanborn, Gender, Sex and the Shaping of Modern Europe: A History from the French Revolution to the Present day (Berg Publishers, 2007). ISBN 978-1-84520-357-3 Additional readings will be posted under “Course Documents” on the Blackboard (BB) site at http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu/ . These documents include both primary sources and secondary literature. You can expect a significant amount of reading in this course . _________________________ III. Course Requirements : Final Exam: 30% Assignments 25% Essay 30% Attendance: 15% 1
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IV. Class Policies: An attendance sheet will be passed around at the beginning of each class. Please arrive to class on time and stay until the end of the class meeting. If you have schedule issues or need to leave early during one of my classes – let me know at the beginning of the class. Students, who walk out of class early
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HIS393.02 - 1 HIS 393.02 Sexual Politics in Modern Europe...

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