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ECO 353 Health Economics Spring 2011 GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor: Professor John Rizzo Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 11:20AM-12:40PM Office Hours: Tuesday 2 pm-4 pm; or by appointment Office: Email: COURSE DESCRIPTION 1. This course will provide students with a comprehensive view of the reasons behind the rapid rise in medical expenditures in the United States over nearly four decades, and the measures that have been proposed to address this problem. 2. In this course, issues in the health care market will be explored from an economic perspective, which is helpful not only for understanding the forces pressuring for change in health care but also for explaining why the health system has evolved to its current state. Even the political issues surrounding the financing and delivery of health services may be better understood when viewed through an economic perspective. 3. Health economics is also a strong career market. The knowledge and skills learned in this course will expose students to potential career paths in health insurance companies, health policy institutions, pharmaceutical industries, etc. It is also useful for students who are contemplating graduate study in the health economics field. This course will cover the following topics: the demand and supply of medical care; the dynamics of
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ECO_353_Health_Economics - ECO 353 Health Economics Spring...

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