Week 4 AED 202 due thurs.

Week 4 AED 202 due thurs. - problems, 2+2, all the way up....

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Multiple Intelligence Theory Assessing children intelligences with Gardner’s theory is people have several specific abilities or multiple intelligences. Gardner says that intelligences are the human ability to solve or create a problem. If a child is performing well in an area such as math, don’t mean that they are smarter then an individual who performs at a slower rate. The logical- mathematical has a lot to do with logic abstractions, reasoning, numbers, and science. So to assess a child I would begin to ask questions about math, starting at simple
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Unformatted text preview: problems, 2+2, all the way up. Solving mathematical problems quickly, generating mathematical proofs, and formulating and testing hypotheses about observed phenomena. Then the suggestion of an aptitude test, which is used for mathematics and auto mechanics. An IQ test would be the next; this is done to determine the childs skills, with another child the same age. Therefore the tests that are run are to see how a child hold on to the information that they have learned over the years....
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