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Middle childhood - 1 Reading and writing development By...

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1 Reading and writing development By Quashun Houston 05/30/2010 AED 202
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2 Middle childhood Middle childhood is said to be between 6-8 years old. Growth at this stage is at a steady pace until a child begins puberty. At this stage of development a child is able to many things on their own. Getting themselves dressed, ties their shoes, and play with friends their own age. This is where children want to development some type of independence from their parents and family members. Friends are very important and want to spend the time with them. The physical, social, and mental skills are growing rapidly at this stage. We are developing confidence in all areas of life. (Child Development, 2005) Reading and writing patterns development in a similar way, and around the same time. Around the age of 2 or 3 children begin to remember letters and numbers. They use the letters to put words together. By the time the child is 5 the child should be writing the alphabet. They are writing more often and putting together more words to make paragraphs. Misspelling words, backward letters, out of lines, no spacing and punctuation is very common. Children at this age are paying more attention to what they are writing and how they write. (Blume, 2006) its said with “Greater attentional capacity also allows them to focus a piece of writing, maintain a constant point of view, and carry a story through to the middle and the end (Blume, 2006)”. Beig able to tell a complete and coherent story, makes the cognitive demands with long term memory and sequencing abilities. (Blume, 2006) Adolescence During adolescence the body is making many physical, and emotional changes. We are
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