Final Project - Health psychology commit tee report Final...

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Health psychology committee report Final Project: Health Psychology Committee Report By Quashun Houston HCA 250 Remo obertello 06/20/2010
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Health psychology committee report Psychology has been known to health care science and profession, and psychologists who have worked with clinically and medically ill patients. There are many types of psychologist in a broad field of the study. Substance abuse counselors work with people who have a issue with drugs or alcohol. A counselor will determine or assess the patient’s illness then provide services. A Substance abuse counselor works in a tight knit community with other mental health personal, doctors, nurses, and social workers. (Mental Health Professions, 2009) A substance abuse counselor will work in many different agencies, hospitals, jails, private practice offices, and rehab facilities. The responsibilities of a substance abuse counselor are to maintain patient’s records, come up with plans that will best help their patients, provide assistance for those who need crisis intervention, information that will be useful, keeping track of the patient’s progress, talking with family and close friends, staff meetings, and communicate with other professionals regarding their patients. (Substance Abuse And Behavioral Counselors: Schools and Careers) A counselor of this type needs to be compassionate, and supportive towards their clients. They need to be patient and willing to help those in need, and have strong listening and communication skills. To maintain this job you must be very energetic both in mind and body, this will come in handy when various types of problems arise. (Substance Abuse Counselor: Training Requirements and Career Options, 2003) Inpatient-only psychologist or clinical psychologists work at acute care centers and hospitals. They specialize in diagnosing diseases of the brain, emotional, and behavioral problems. They can only use talking as a method of treatment. A person would have to see a psychiatrist for medication. They treat and keep track of patients with psychiatric and psychological problems. They treat patients at in care facility or hospital, they work with patients to provide therapeutic therapy, and treatment plans. (Amoia) A child psychologist is one of the
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Final Project - Health psychology commit tee report Final...

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