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Post your response to the following: Put yourself in the shoes of a patient suffering from severe, chronic arthritis. According to the Crisis Theory Model discussed on p. 345 of the text, you would have to endure a series of changes in the way you think about and do everyday things to successfully adjust to your condition. The Patient Adjustment Model below is based on the Crisis Theory Model. Copy and paste the following into your reply, then replace the questions in italics with your answers: Patient Adjustment Model for Chronic Arthritis: Quashun Houston Cognitive appraisal: I think with chronic arthritis I wouldn’t be able to do many things in my daily life, such as combing my girl’s hair, cooking meals, and have limited or no strength in
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Unformatted text preview: my hands. Adaptive tasks: talking to my doctor about what can be done to gain strength in my hand and the types of medication that I would be taking, would they help restore the muscle control in my hands. . Coping skills: With coping I would find support groups, and doing research on arthritis. Knowing what types and how to prevent or treat the illness. My greatest challenge: for me the greatest challenge would be playing with my kids, more so my baby. She a year old and we sit on the floor and play games all day long, which requires me to use my hands the most....
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