DQ 2 WEEK 2 - account for others and their coping methods,...

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The method that best fits me is a number of coping methods. Discharge is a good one for me, and hiding my feelings. I only use these two methods when situations are dealing with serious family issues arise. Hanging with my girls when I’m stressed is the best way of coping for me. When crying is involved they cry with me, and when I need to fly off the handle because I’m pissed they let me do that as well. I can’t
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Unformatted text preview: account for others and their coping methods, but everybody has to vent at some point in time. With the Stress reduction factor it all depends on that person and what the stressor is and how they handle it. If they look at it wrong then it could be or turn into a failure, and its just the opposite for success...
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