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charterrectics of developmental periods. aed 202

charterrectics of developmental periods. aed 202 - and most...

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The first stage of the developmental stage is infancy birth to 2 years. Human traits are developed bonds to other, nonverbal communication and language expression, motor exploration of physical skill. Newborns are completely dependent on others. An arsenal skill lets the baby gain comfort and stimulation from caregivers. Security nourishes infants desire to learn. Early childhood 2-6 is where creativity, fantasy, wonder, and play. Language and communication skills are developing very rapidly. High levels of energy, they don’t walk but rather run, skip, and dance along. No talking, but chatter, singing, and moans. The socially and emotional child can be enduring, trusting, and affectionate. They are very interested in others and their body parts as well with their own. Middle childhood is where less fantasy is thought of and more real world is. Commitment to friends or peers of the same age and sex start to arise. Having a friendship is very important
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Unformatted text preview: and most of the learning is coming from the interactions with those friends. Comparison to other peers, becoming more athletic, and understanding what is expected of them at this age. Early adolescence 10-14 is where many physical changes are happening, puberty is starting. The hormones can cause the adolescence to feel unsure or awkward about themselves. Becoming very sensitive about what others think about them. Thinking logically, abstractly, and exhaustively are expanding. Late adolescence 14-18 the teens are now mature, they are no longer the child, they have become the attractive young women and men. The social setting is still the main focus; differences in academic achievement are substantial. Decision making could be confusing, but they will need to use all of their skills and knowledge that they have gained and learned over the years to help them with their final decisions....
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