According to the nature versus nurture debate

According to the nature versus nurture debate - faster than...

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According to the nature versus nurture debate, how might each affect the overall classroom performance of a student? Be as specific with your examples as possible. Nature is inherited from your parents; their genetics is passed along, the physical appearance of a person. Some say that intelligence, personality, and aggression is a part of nature. The debate between nature versus nurture can affect a student’s overall performance. The way they look, sound, talk, walk, and run can have an impact on a student. Not all children learn task at the same time some are
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Unformatted text preview: faster than others, and others might lack in areas. Nurture, the environment that we are surrounded by play an apart in how we develop or how we act. Having the right amount of nutrition, stimulation, and teaching is good for the brain especially in infants and toddlers. Nurture can affect a person in many different ways, such as family members, friends, even a person social setting. Parents nurture their babies the best way they know how, or from what they have learned from their parents....
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