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hca 250 late paper - Health Promotion Program By Quashun...

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Health Promotion Program By Quashun Houston HCA 250 05/10/2010
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STRIDE is a health promotion that will help individuals become more physical and managing their weight in their daily lives. My target population is school aged kids, no matter elementary, middle, and high school. By getting through to the kids we will be getting to the parents as well. Education range is mainly based on if the student knows that having some type of physical activity is health for them and their families. It doesn’t take any education skills to know that physical activity will help keep you in shape. This program is been put in place due to the fact there’s overweight people in the world and they need some help and motivation to stay healthy. The four goals for stride, is to give up, no matter what. We will exercise and talk to each other in the program. We will take the nesseccery steps to change or eating habits. The fourth and final step is that we will call on each other when times are hard. The way that stride will involve groups is that we will start off the program at the local school. There are thousands of children in the local school systems. Parents are more willing to do a school event then to do it on their own. Sending flyers home with their children to let the parents know that there is a new program starting, and it would be greatly appreciated if they were in attendance. The time and dates for the start of the class will be posted as well. Some
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hca 250 late paper - Health Promotion Program By Quashun...

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