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Compare your total hassle score with the given relative hassle scores. How stressed are you in relation to your peers? The score that I received after taking the test was pretty sad. If I counted right the total was just above 140. I would think that I’m a little bit more stressed then my peers are, but I could average with them as well. The daily hassles of life could put anyone over the top Select one event that had a high frequency of occurrence. What can you do to lessen the frequency of this event? The family section was the part that did me in, fives all across. I can’t disown my family, but the stress that they are putting on me is just to the point that I want disappear off the face of the earth. What I can do to lessen the stress and strain on me, I could leave all there buts here and be done with it. The right thing that I can do is let them know that im only one person and I only have two hands, and I can only do so much. Select three different hassle events you have assigned a score of at least 2 (hassle
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