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Monthly Income - Dry cleaning laundry Education...

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Monthly Income / Expense Record Expense Due D a t e Present Amount Projected Future Amount Rent/Mortgage Gas/Oil Electric Water/Sewage Phone Life Insurance Car Insurance Taxes (if not included in mortgage) Homeowner’s/Tenant Insurance (if not included in mortgage) Installment loan with ____________ Installment loan with ____________ Charge Account _______________ Charge Account _______________ Charge Account _______________ Charge Account ______________ Charge Account ______________ Food-Grocery Store Auto expenses Gasoline/Transportation Medical (doctor, dentist, eye care, prescriptions) Daycare Lunches/snacks, coffee, etc. Cable TV Pay per view, video rental
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Unformatted text preview: Dry cleaning, laundry Education expenses (including books) Church/religious donations Other donations Pet expenses Barber/hair salon Allowances (including children) Cigarettes/beverages (including alcoholic) Newspaper/magazines, etc. Entertainment (including babysitting expense) Fast Food Clubs, sports hobbies New clothing/shoes College Funds Gifts-Birthdays, anniversaries Gifts-Holidays Emergency Savings Saving for ________________ Other Expenses _______________________ - _____________________________ = $_______________ Total Net Income Total Expenses...
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