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Assignment: Daily Hassles Self-Assessment ( Due day 7 in your individual forum ) · Resource : Table 3A.1 on p. 82 of Health Psychology · Print and complete the self-assessment on p. 82 of the text. · Answer the following in a 500- to 750-word response: o Compare your total hassle score with the given relative hassle scores. How stressed are you in relation to your peers? o Select one event that had a high frequency of occurrence. What can you do to lessen the frequency of this event? o Select three different hassle events you have assigned a score of at least 2 (hassle event occurs occasionally). What biological, psychological,
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Unformatted text preview: and social impacts do the three selected hassle events have on you when they occur? How can you reduce or eliminate stress caused by the events when they occur? o Identify at least one system in your life that provides support for the social aspect of the biopsychosocial model. How does that social support system respond when you are under stress? In what way does it help promote your overall (psychological and physical) health or healthy behaviors? o Are any examples of stress events in the table, or any other stress events you can think of, good for your health or performance? Explain....
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