AS10 Week 13 - What did Carl Brigham initially think the SAT measured How why did Brigham come"recant his earlier views Carl Campbell Brigham both

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What did Carl Brigham initially think the SAT measured? How / why did Brigham come "recant his earlier views"? Carl Campbell Brigham, both a psychology professor and ardent eugenicist, was the author and developer of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the SAT. Upon looking at the results of an IQ test administered to the army, Brigham came to believe that the results offered support to a eugenics movement (Lemann 29). In his book, A Study of American Intelligence , Brigham voiced the prevailing eugenicist theory of the date: "there were three distinct white races in Europe - in descending order of intelligence, Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean - and the United States had been initially successfully populated by the highest but was now being filled up with the lowest." (30). Initially, Brigham believed the SAT measured ". ..a biologically grounded, genetically inherited quality that was tied to ethnicity. .." (33). These tests were almost favored for those who were equipped with vocabulary, as the test was an IQ test
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