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AS10 Week 3 - Katz believed that class had a significant...

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Katz believed that class had a significant role in the vote of the public school at Beverly. He explained that in the vote to keep or abolish the Beverly public high school, the professional and business class voted to keep it, whereas the working class, such as shoemakers, farmers, and laborers, opposed it. Katz did, however, make a point to say that the working class people did not oppose education; rather, he said that they prioritized differently didn't want to pay taxes to support a school that they would not use. Vinovksi states that class was not as important as geography and the ongoing local controversies over the "politics of education." Vinovksi asserted that education was "imposed" on the people of Beverly that did not want it, which includes more than just the working class people. Bowles and Gintis explained that the reason for public schools spawned from the demand for more educated workers as the economy and social standing of the United States became more industrial. After the Revolutionary War, the work structure moved
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