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AS10 Week 1 - brought him into conflict with just about...

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Katz - class had a significant role in the vote of Beverly's public school. Working class people did not oppose education; rather, they had different priorities and sometimes opposed "sepcific innovations, which, at other times, they might support." Prominent, prestigious leaders vs a working class. Vinovski - class was not as important as geography and ongoing local controversies over politics of education. Education was imposed on the people of Beverly who did not want it, not just the working class people. Bowles - 1824, zeal to establish modern and well-financed system of public education
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Unformatted text preview: brought him into conflict with just about every major political group in town. Shoemakers, farmers, sailors, and laborers outvoted professinals and business people. Beverly's brand new public high school was then closed down. Few of them had or would have children in the school. .. The school would become a tax that only benefited the wealthy. Ironically, it was on behalf of the shoemakers+laborers that alliances were made with reformers and capitalists for the purpose of establishing mass public education....
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