4 - A merican Studies 10 11/4/09 P r ivate Wealth, Public...

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American Studies 10 11/4/09 Private Wealth, Public Schools: Education as a State Constitutional Right? I. Introduction A. Race and suburbanization in the post-World War II north and west Defined housing segregation as west’s #1 problem for African Americans in particular II. John Serrano and the Origins of Serrano v. Priest A. Education and the Serrano family move from East L.A. to Whittier Succeeded in moving to suburban area Serrano was a social worker living in East. L.A. Serrano moved to suburbs because he was recommended to do so by the public schools under the belief that the public schools in the suburbs were better Father of 3 children Principal of the East L.A. school said to move to suburbs because his bright children would have a better chance B. Derrick Bell and the Western Center for Law and Poverty Director of Western Center on Law and Poverty Opened its doors in 1967 Got funded by War on Poverty Served on Department of Justice and attorney for NAACP Involved in 300+ segregation cases This center had a lot of money, but they were doing legal service that was run of the mill routine, tiresome. Such as divorces, wage conflicts, etc.
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Bell wanted to do something that would be bigger, to show that the law can be used in a dramatic way that can change people’s lives Opportunity came when Bell met two law professors, one from
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4 - A merican Studies 10 11/4/09 P r ivate Wealth, Public...

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