12 - American Studies 10 Lecture 10/12/09 Creationists,...

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Creationists, Evolutionists, Eugenicists, and the Scopes “Monkey” Trial I. Lecture Overview II. Clip from Inherit the Wind (1960) Directors bias toward evolution H.L. Mencken (1917) – Journalist that covered the Scopes Trial o Bigotry vs. Sense III. The Hollywood Version of the Scopes Trial: Inherit the Wind (1960) A. The issue (as portrayed by the film) Verdict: Though Shalt Not Think State approved textbook that contained evolution Town leaders come to class and arrest him for teaching evolution o Angry posse comes and hangs Scopes and sing a song B. The place (as portrayed by the film) Hillsborough (film) vs. Tennessee (historical) C. The people (as portrayed by the film) Scopes becomes the innocent victim of a witch hunt William Jennings Bryan comes through as a buffoon, stuffing his face with food, rejects science all together o Date of when God began the world Mencken character is most similar to historical character. D. The historical context for the film: McCarthyism Movie was more about the more immediate events of 1950s, McCarthyism than it was of the Scopes Trial of the 1920s o Inherit the Wind ” was a response to the blacklisting of writers + ideas during McCarthyism IV.The Historical Version of the Scopes Trial A. The Historical contexts 1. Rise in school enrollments, especially high school enrollments 10 fold increase of high school students by 1920 2. Decline of theistic evolution
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12 - American Studies 10 Lecture 10/12/09 Creationists,...

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