5 - American Studies 10 Lecture 10/5/2009 Immigration,...

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American Studies 10 Lecture 10/5/2009 Immigration, Education, and “Americanization” During the Progressive Era I. Introduction Naturalization tests for immigrants II. Immigration and Immigration Restricting During the Progressive Era A. Some Basic Facts about immigration during the Progressive Era 1820 – 1920: 23 million immigrated to US Accounted for half of the population increase Early 20 th Century showed change in source of Immigration. Old immigrants were English, mid 19 th Century were Irish and German, late 19 th Century were from Southern and Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland). Tension between old and new immigrants Immigration went hand in hand with urbanization. Immigrants were more likely to live in urban areas than non-immigrants B. The Johnson-Reed Immigration Act of 1924 Included quotas on immigrants. These were radical constrictions. Quotas were down to about 160,000 per year. Quotas were over-discriminated by national origins. Quotas were based on population before influx of immigrants in 1800s. Heavily favored northern and western Europe over southern and eastern Europe. Denied Japanese immigrants altogether. III. Americanization in Theory: Competing Perspectives A. Nativist (Madison Grant) Rejected Americanization altogether The Passing of the Great Race Madison Grant – 1865 – 1937 o Called for immigrants to be excluded altogether Believed not in Americanization, but rather it would result in degeneracy. B. Anglo-Conformist (Ellwood Cubberley)
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5 - American Studies 10 Lecture 10/5/2009 Immigration,...

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