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Assembly Instructions - Assembly Instructions To begin the...

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Assembly Instructions: To begin the assembly you must first gather all of the supplies and complete a check list to prove you have all the parts. Next the p.v.c. pipe has three 5/16 holes in the pipe at the designated locations. Then the three 5/16 nipples are put in the hole using sealer, allowing enough time for the sealer to dry. Once sealed use the 5/16 hose to connect the two fish bubble rocks to the inside of the p.v.c. pipe. In addition the hose must be connected to the outside of the nipple as well, which will eventually be connected to the Petco Air Pump. Next, the p.v.c. cap must have a 5/16 hole drilled into the center that will receive a nipple, in addition that will be sealed to the bottom of the p.v.c. tube allowing blood to enter. Once the cap has seal you must coil the 5/16 copper tubing inside the p.v.c. creating a heat exchanger. Two hoses will travel from the copper onto another copper coil in a separate container in which ice will be placed in, to cool the blood. Within the closed circuits of blood and cold water will be two pumps, one allowing the heat to transfer from the blood to the water, while the other pump takes the blood from the body to the p.v.c. pipe. Technical Matters of Importance Several factors swayed the direction in which we went to create our design. One major factor which contributed to our design was the allowable cost. Our thoughts were the cheaper or “more efficient” we could make the design the better it could truly be for the general public. When you save money for the hospital who buys the design you will in turn save the patient money that must be used for the procedure. Producing enough oxygen was another technical matter in which we were highly
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Assembly Instructions - Assembly Instructions To begin the...

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