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Astro MT2 - Earth: only planet with intelligent life...

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Earth: only planet with intelligent life -unique in blue color and liquid oceans coving 70% of world; Oceans absorb CO2 - water, H2O, is unique that it becomes liquid under pressure, such as ice skating, and expands when becoming a solid, this insulates lakes and ponds when top freezes over - CO2 level= about 0% N2 level= 77% O2 level= 21% - O2 comes from photosynthesis and does not occur naturally - O3 or Ozone absorbs UV rays that break O2 apart causing free radicals, allow for O + O2= O3, is about 50 km up and creates warm gap in really cold atmosphere - Center= an iron core that is solidified on outer section due to pressure; iron is heaviest element so when earth was hot it sunk to center Plate tectonics- movement of tectonic plates on lithosphere of Earth that cause moun- tains, valleys, earthquakes, and explains movement of continents; motion is driven by new ma- terial pushing plates apart Hot Spots- spots on mantle of Earth, such as volcanos, which create islands in ocean, is- land chain comes from plate moving over hot spot Magnetic field- flips about every 100,000 years, seen by looking at frozen iron particles in sea bed floors because they aline and point towards north pole Blue Sky- caused by dust particles in atmosphere scattering sun’s rays and reflects blue light on our eyes; red at sun rise or sun set because blue light is being directed away from us and red light gets through Wave Motion: - longitudinal wave travels in same direction as what is carrying it, can travel though liquid and solid, e.g. earthquakes that travel through Earth’s core - transverse wave travels in opposite direction of what is carrying it; cannot travel through a li- quid The Moon: all we really see is reflected optical light from the Sun -pulls on the oceans and stretches the ocean towards it, creating 2 high and low tides every 24hrs, -when Earth is rotating a little faster then moon so when high tide is ahead there is a backwards pull on ocean and it slightly slows the Earth’s rotation - no atmosphere, so allows us to figure out age of moon and solar system by taking samples Tidal locking- when the rotation period of Earth will equal the orbital period of moon; this is also why we only see one side of the moon; eventually Earth will take 47 current days to rotate once and the moon will have 47 day orbit, this will cause permanent high tide under the moon Mare- meaning sea in latin is smooth part formed by large lava flows when moon was li- quid under crust; about 3.5x10^9 years old Highlands- rigid craters that are best studied at terminator, light meets dark side, they last until larger craters come to supersede them; small rebound features can also be seen at crater
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Astro MT2 - Earth: only planet with intelligent life...

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