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COM4 Final Paper - Emily Javan COM 4 Section 1 Ted Geier...

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Emily Javan COM 4 Section 1 Ted Geier Your Hair May Just be Long Enough Native Americans on the Spokane Reservation in Sherman Alexie’s novel The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven struggle with their revulsion of white American culture and their need to coexist with it. To balance their five hundred years of hate with the need to survive for the next five centuries the Indians create standards for what it means to be a True Indian. Indians who do not meet the True Indian standard are ridiculed for becoming too American or behaving as a white person, thus promoting the preservation of their race. A True Indian values the history of the tribe and tries to always promote the traditions, but many Indians fall short of this expectation. Recognizing a True Indian is subsequently exemplified by staying on the reservation, having long braids, and living with difficulty; if all three criteria are not met the Indian is too white. Understanding the motivation to distinguish between a True Indian and an American one is central to understanding the markers of each category. For five hundred years Indians have suffered “mass murder, loss of language and land rights” and the trials from the past have followed them into the future (49). The Spokane Indians, like other tribes in the U.S., are often discriminated against for their culture and traditions. Indian women are tricked into having their tubes tied when the hospital or Bureau of Indians Affairs worries about the rise in Indian population (81). The U.S. government is then able to keep Indians on and off the reservation under its control. Knowing that the Indians will not have the support of the government to defend themselves leads others in power to abuse their privileges. The local authorities out side of the
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COM4 Final Paper - Emily Javan COM 4 Section 1 Ted Geier...

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