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COM4 Paper 3 graded - Emily Javan Ted Geier COM 4 Through...

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Emily Javan Ted Geier COM 4 Through Death Comes the Meaning of Fear The stress and torment of living in a world constantly worried about nuclear attack is almost unimaginable for those who were not alive to experience the fear. For the people who were alive it can be an even more difficult challenge to fully explain and quantify their anxieties during that time. Writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons use their combined experience to create the graphic novel Watchmen . It was an outlet to explain the paralyzing fear that drove some people toward madness and others toward seclusion from the world completely. Placing the comic The Tales of the Black Freighter inside their graphic novel assists readers in fully understanding the complex characters and the unease of the 1980s. The smaller plot and character actions parallels the larger storyline, demonstrates a loss of innocence in the characters, and acts as a metaphor for Adrian Veidt’s actions in the novel. The castaway’s hardships parallel the larger storyline in order to provide insight into the characters’ struggles. As the castaway says, “I could not love her as she had loved me” the story shifts to Laurie and Jon’s fight after lovemaking (III.4.1). The side-by-side comparison of these two stories allows the reader to recognize that Jon and Laurie’s love has changed. They are no longer capable of making one another happy or identifying each other’s the needs: “Living with him, you don’t know what it’s like” (III.9.4). Jon and Laurie’s subsequent actions are influenced and motivated by their dying love. The newsvendor’s distress about society going crazy makes him question how much information the public has access to: “All we see is what’s on the surface…until it’s too late” (V.17.7-9). This concern is paralleled with the castaway noticing
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sharks on the surface of the water swimming towards him. The castaway’s fear is direct and
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COM4 Paper 3 graded - Emily Javan Ted Geier COM 4 Through...

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