WMS Q1 - ety revealing that women should identify with an...

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Emily Javan WMS 50 Julia Morales Section 6 Question 1 Race and gender are socially constructed, because people describe and recognize traits in relation to other things. A man could only know he was a man if society told him, and he had things around to compare himself to. Race is the same way, you will know you are black or white because society knows how to treat a black man in relation to a white man. Historically the white man would be thought of as higher or better due to his different physical features and char- acteristic. Society is only concerned with differences between men and women or black and white on the surface. Biology goes deeper in an unbiased way to understand why one appears different from another or how one trait would benefit the body due to its surroundings. Society is what teaches children from the beginning that boys are different from girls due to an outer appearance. A girls’ bathroom has a person in a triangle dress, and the boys’ bath- room is a square person in a shirt with pants. There is no biology behind these images, only soci-
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Unformatted text preview: ety revealing that women should identify with an image of being in a dress. This image also tells men if they were to wear a dress society would identify them as women and that is wrong. Toys like Barbie and Ken also teach children what race is pretty and what the norm for each gender is. Caucasian children are given the pale, blond hair, blue eyed bombshell Barbies and the matching mans man Ken dolls. Children of other races receive Barbies that only devi-ate from this stereotype model in skin and eye color; there are no facial or bodily adjustments. Each doll teaches children that these few simple traits are what is beautiful and define the norm for each gender. These societal norms tell everyone that to be happy you should always be trying to look and be more like white Barbie and Ken, they will make people like one another, and they will make everyone successful....
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WMS Q1 - ety revealing that women should identify with an...

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