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Personal Ecological Theory By Tom Kidwell February 3, 2008 > Your Personal Ecological Theory Now let s get personal. Consider the social context of your own life. In a word processing document using an organized, fluent, and cohesive writing style, describe each level of context in your life as conceptualized by Bronfenbrenner. Include information about all of the following five systems of his Ecological Theory: * Microsystem * Mesosystem * Exosystem * Macrosystem * Chronosystem
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Brofenbrenner saw the individual's experience "as a set of nested structures, each inside the  next, like a set of Russian dolls."
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• Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems: microsystem, mesosystem exosystem, macrosystem; chronosystem (see chapter 1)  Microsystem: The microsystem is the environment closest to the child. The microsystem includes the family, school, day care, neighborhood play areas, church, health services etc. The microsystem possesses
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Unformatted text preview: physical characteristics such as number of family members living with the child, amount of the nearby playground equipment etc. Mesosystem: The mesosystem refers to the system of relationships among the child’s microsystem (e.g., parent’s relationship with the child’s teacher). Exosystem: The exosystem refers to social settings that can affect the child but in which the child does not participate directly (e.g., mother’s place of employment, which establishes policies regarding paid maternity leaves and on-site day care facilities). Macrosystem: The macrosystem involves the cultures in which the individual lives. Chronosystem: The chronosystem involves the patterning of environmental events and transitions over the life course and sociohistorical circumstances....
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kidwell.etheory.edpsy - physical characteristics such as...

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