Personal Ecological Bronfenbrenner

Personal Ecological Bronfenbrenner - B y using...

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By using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model, we can examine an individual’s life span. For example, I am a thirty-nine year old male that is in the depths of cence. Jennifer has normal issues for her age, but she also has deeply embedded emotional issues. The Ecological Model can help unfold the basis for Jennifer’s profound behavior as well as her profound changes. The inner component of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model is the microsystem. It involves a person’s immediate family and surroundings, therefore one might say that my current microsystem is weak. My parents are deceased and I have no contact with any other family members. However, I do have a few close friends that I talk to on a regular basis This lack of a microsystem could have a substantial impact on a person’s behavior and could have attributed to Jennifer’s bizarre appearance. Individuals use their microsystem to help them establish the underpinning for future relationships. In addition, social learning theory tells us self efficacy is associated with ambition and achievements; developmental aspects which Jennifer clearly lacked. People gain these qualities by interpreting and perceiving what others think of them and vice versa. Another aspect of self efficacy that is relevant is modeling. Jennifer did not have good role models from which to acquire positive self esteem, warmth or reassurance. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System’s next “layer” encompasses one’s environment, the exosystem. The institutions which comprise this layer are: school, church, peers, and other such
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Personal Ecological Bronfenbrenner - B y using...

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