Atheistic Existentialism

Atheistic Existentialism - Worldview Life Life Domain:...

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Worldview Life Domain: Money & Career Life Domain: Sexualit y Life Domain: Family Life Domain: Sufferin g & Death Life Domain: Friends Compariso n to Christianit y Naturalism Primary purpose is not money, but to become complete human beings and a successful career is one that enhances their spiritual growth. Is an instinct and love is a disguised instinct, designed for the survival of the species. There are family resemblance, with affinities and disagreement s, but no unity. The present life is the only life he or she will ever have. There are no past lives due reincarnatio n nor is there any future life in some state of bliss or torment. Social policies are sought to maximize the opportunitie s for each person’s developmen t independent of differences in inherited talent or social status. Absolute truth does not exist, or it is undiscoverable; Christian concept there is only one truth. Secular Humanism They mostly believe in some type of interventionis t economy because this more consistent with their belief that man is an evolving creature who will become capable of planning the perfect economy. Since man is only a highly evolved animal, sexual gratification is not to be denied as long as it “does not hurt anyone”. Again the humanist is often shortsighted about what kinds of behavior “hurt others”. Secular Humanist prefer to think of “family” in larger groups of perhaps unrelated people. Many would affirm the legitimacy of same-sex marriages or civil unions. Many would also deny the importance of fathers, encouraging “single parenting by choice”. Many of them
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Atheistic Existentialism - Worldview Life Life Domain:...

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