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Midterm1 Exam Spring 2006 COURSE : MGMT 201 DATE : April 6, 2006 FirstName__________________ MI_________ LastName ________________________ Student ID#:_0 _0 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Section Number MGMT 201J__ __ __ __ ================================================================== INSTRUCTIONS Please fill in the above information AND the information required on the scantron from your Purdue ID card (PUID) and from section numbers listed below. Please remember to fill in the circles with a No.2 pencil. Section # Teacher Time Location 01 01 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 8:30-9:20am KRAN G020 01 02 Sangshin Sam Pae F 8:30-9:20am RAWL 2070 02 01 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 9:30-10:20am KRAN G020 02 02 David Truong F 9:30 -10:20am RAWL 2070 03 01 Sangshin Sam Pae F 10:30-11:20am KRAN G020 03 02 David Truong F 10:30-11:20am RAWL 2070 04 01 Sangshin Sam Pae F 11:30am-12:20pm KRAN G020 04 02 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 11:30am-12:20pm RAWL 2070 06 01 David Truong F 1:30-2:20pm KRAN G020 06 02 Jeff R. Schneider F 1:30-2:20pm KRAN G018 07 01 David Truong F 2:30-3:20pm KRAN G020 07 02 Jeff R. Schneider F 2:30-3:20pm KRAN G018 Test Number : 01 Sample scantron:
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INSTRUCTIONS (1) Please fill in the required information as shown on the cover. See sample on cover if you have any doubts. Here’s a checklist of the eight most important items we need to correctly process your exam. For your own benefit, please check each item to ensure that you have completed the requirement. ± Printed (wrote clearly) “Lastname,” “Firstname,” and “MI,” on the scantron sheet and filled in the correct circles under the letters (with a No. 2 pencil) ± Printed “Section Number” on the scantron (from table given) and filled in the correct circles ± Printed test version number (the one given in the box at the bottom left of the cover) under “Test/Quiz Number” on the scantron and filled in the correct circles ± Printed PUID# under “Student identification Number” on scantron and filled circles ± Signed name on scantron next to “Signature” ± Printed (wrote clearly) “FirstName,” “MI” and “LastName” on cover of this exam where indicated ± Printed “Section Number” on cover of this exam (from table given) ± Printed PUID# under “Student ID#” on cover of this exam (2) In Section I (Multiple Choice) we will consider ONLY the circle you have filled on the scantron sheet. Any answers marked or calculated on the exam will be ignored in this section, even if it is correct. (3) In Section II, if you run out of time and cannot complete an item, show a clear mathematical computation without actually operating the calculator. You will get full credit. For example, if the answer is found as follows: $[(1000/2 + 300) * 1.50] = $1,200, then writing $[(1000/2 + 300) * 1.50] without computing $1,200 will get you full credit. This policy will hold for any other quiz OR EXAM in this course, except for multiple choice items. (4) Any necessary tables will be found on the last page of the exam. Please use all the digits as given in the table. You may NOT use any other tables of your own.
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MGMT201_(Ganguly)_Spring06_Midterm2_v1_soln - Midterm1 Exam...

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