MGMT201_(Ganguly)_Quiz_3_Practice - MGMT 201 Quiz 3, Fall...

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MGMT 201 Quiz 3, Fall 2005 COURSE : MGMT 201 DATE : December 2, 2005 FirstName__________________ MI_________ LastName _____________________ Student ID#:___________-_____________ Section Number________________________ =============================================================== INSTRUCTIONS (1) Please fill in the above information either from your Purdue ID card (PUID), or from the section list given below: Section information: Section # Section meeting location 0101 KRAN G020 0201 KRAN G020 0301 KRAN G020 0401 KRAN G020 0501 KRAN G020 0502 RAWL 1062 0601 KRAN G020 0701 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 9:30-10:20 KRAN G016 Please try to work out this quiz as practice for Quiz 3. Solutions will be posted by Tuesday of Quiz week. (2) If you run out of time and cannot complete an item, leave a clear computation without actually computing the answer. You will get full credit. For example, if the answer is found as follows: $[(1000/2 + 300) * 1.50] = $1,200, then writing $[(1000/2 + 300) * 1.50] without computing the final answer will get you full credit. This policy will hold for any other quiz OR EXAM in this course. (3) Some tables will be found on the last page of the exam. Please use all the digits as given in the table. You may NOT use any other tables of your own. (4) We will answer procedural questions during the quiz or exam, but no questions related to any problem-related confusion. If you are confused or have any doubts, make the most reasonable assumption you can, and write your assumption down for us to see. (5) Please pace yourself. Do not obsess over any particular item with which you are having a problem. Please move on and come back to troublesome items later, if you can. 1
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Please show work when applicable, and circle or underline your final answer otherwise you will not get credit. (#) denotes point value The following information refers to Question 1and 2 Terry Company manufactures products to customer specifications and employs a job- order costing system. Predetermined overhead rates are used to apply manufacturing overhead cost to jobs (i.e. the company uses normal costing).
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MGMT201_(Ganguly)_Quiz_3_Practice - MGMT 201 Quiz 3, Fall...

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