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Page 1 of 16 MANAGEMENT 201: MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING I Spring 2006 Main Instructor & Course Coordinator: Professor Ananda R. Ganguly, PhD Krannert 444 Voice: 494-0701 (use only in extreme emergencies) Fax: 494-9658 (use to send medical excuse letters, etc. when necessary) Office Hours: Mondays 12:00-1:00 1 hr TA Mondays 3:00-5:00 2 hrs TA Tuesdays 11:00-1:00 2 hrs Professor Wednesdays 3:00-5:00 2 hrs TA Thursdays 5:00-6:00 1 hr TA E-mail contact form: The MGMT 201 team can be contacted through e-mail using the contact form provided at . You will normally get a response within 24 hours on e-mail. Divisions, Recitation Sections, Teachers, Meeting Times and class locations: Lecture Div 1 MGMT 201 01 01 Ananda R. Ganguly TTh 7:30am-8:20am CL50 224 Lecture Div 2 MGMT 201 02 01 Ananda R. Ganguly TTh 9:30am-10:20am CL50 224 Recitation 1-1 MGMT 201J 01 01 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 8:30-9:20am KRAN G020 Recitation 1-2 MGMT 201J 01 02 Sangshin Sam Pae F 8:30-9:20am RAWL 2070 Recitation 2-1 MGMT 201J 02 01 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 9:30-10:20am KRAN G020 Recitation 2-2 MGMT 201J 02 02 David Truong F 9:30 -10:20am RAWL 2070 Recitation 3-1 MGMT 201J 03 01 Sangshin Sam Pae F 10:30-11:20am KRAN G020 Recitation 3-2 MGMT 201J 03 02 David Truong F 10:30-11:20am RAWL 2070 Recitation 4-1 MGMT 201J 04 01 Sangshin Sam Pae F 11:30am-12:20pm KRAN G020 Recitation 4-2 MGMT 201J 04 02 Hsin-Tsai Liu F 11:30am-12:20pm RAWL 2070 Recitation 6-1 MGMT 201J 06 01 David Truong F 1:30-2:20pm KRAN G020 Recitation 6-2 MGMT 201J 06 02 Jeff R. Schneider F 1:30-2:20pm KRAN G018 Recitation 7-1 MGMT 201J 07 01 David Truong F 2:30-3:20pm KRAN G020 Recitation 7-2 MGMT 201J 07 02 Jeff R. Schneider F 2:30-3:20pm KRAN G018 Optional Supplemental Instruction Fernando Valdes TBA TBA Required course materials: Ronald W. Hilton, Managerial Accounting , 6 th edition, Mc-Graw-Hill, 2005. ISBN 0-07-342706-3 Homework Manager for above textbook, McGraw-Hill. (There’s no CD). ISBN 0-07-301695-0 CPS (Classroom Performance System) clicker. ISBN 1-881483-64-9 The first two of the required materials described above are offered at campus bookstores at a deep discount as a custom package with ISBN 0-07-344235-6 . Please note that this price may be cheaper than the two items separately, even if you are buying used textbooks. Therefore, if you are buying used books or ordering from the internet, please make sure that the TOTAL price you pay for all required materials is the best for you.
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Page 2 of 16 Recitation Sessions: The “recitation” sessions are part of this course’s regular instruction just as much as the lecture sessions. In all respects, recitation sessions are full and complete class sessions with the only exception that they will be taught by teaching assistants rather than the main course instructor. Attendance is therefore compulsory. The recitation sessions will be used generally to work out problems and for further clarification on the theory from the lectures. Help with the course:
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MGMT_201_(Ganguly)_Spring_2006_Syllabus - MANAGEMENT 201...

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