A 715000 a b 676000 c 728000 d 690000 e

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Unformatted text preview: hours Actual Direct labor rate 18 6. What is the actual total of direct labor dollars? 19 7. How much overhead is applied during 7. the year if we are using direct labor dollars direct as the driver? A. $715,000 A. B. $676,000 C. $728,000 D. $690,000 E. None of the above Budgeted Manufacturing Overhead Budgeted machine hours Budgeted Direct Labor Hours Budgeted Direct Labor Rate Actual machine hours $650,000 20,000 25,000 $13 $690,000 22,000 26,000 $14 Actual Manufacturing Overhead Actual direct labor hours Actual Direct labor rate 20 8. Lastly, what is the over- or 8. under-applied overhead? under-applied A. $38,000 overapplied B. $38,000 underapplied C. $78,000 overapplied D. $78,000 underapplied E. How the heck would I know? 21 Now work out the harder Now problems for the recitation class and then for the next HM homework! homework! 22 End of Lecture 4 For Lecture 5: Do all Reading, HM homework listed for Lecture 5 Try (really really try) the selfstudy homework listed up to and including Lecture 5 From the next class, we may not remind you about your homework like this each time. You should already be “in the groove.” 23...
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