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Given C04-42: AGRITECH, INC. September 1 September 30 Work-in-Process Inventories Quantity (lbs.) Cost Quantity (lbs.) Mixing Department None 0 None Saturating Department 2,000 65,600* 3,000 *Includes Saturating Department conversion costs of $24,600 Saturating Department estimated % complete in Sept. 40% Costs of production for September: Materials Costs of Production Used Conversion Mixing Department $304,000 $95,000 Saturating Department 0 90,000 Mixing Department material weight 38,000 pounds Prepare weighted-average production reports for the month of September for both departments. Specifically: 1. Equivalent units of production (in lbs.) 2. Total Manufacturing Costs 3. Cost per equivalent unit (lbs) 4. Cost of ending WIP inventory 5. COG completed and transferred out
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ANYCOMPANY, INC. Production Reports: Any Department Weighted-Average Method Percentage of Completion Equivalent Units Physical with Respect Direct Units to Conversion Material Conversion Work in process, Beginning Units transferred during month
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Unformatted text preview: Total units to account for- Units completed and transferred out during month Work in process, Ending Total units accounted for- Total equivalent units Transferred In Conversion Total Work in process, Beginning Costs incurred during month Total costs to account for Equivalent units Costs per equivalent unit Cost of goods completed and transferred out of the Any Department: Units transferred out Total cost per equivalent unit Cost remaining in Ending work-in-process inventory in the Any Department: Transferred-in costs: Equivalent units of transferred-in cost Transferred-in cost per equivalent unit Direct material: Conversion: Equivalent units of conversion Conversion cost per equivalent unit Total cost of Ending work in process Check: Cost of goods completed and transferred out Cost of Ending work-in-process inventory Total costs accounted for...
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