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Calculating your Midterm Average Convert your raw scores – posted on Katalyst – into percentage scores as follows: I = (RAW/40) × 100 II = RAW/2 Your midterm average – since both exams carry the same weight – is the average of these percentage scores: MID = (I + II)/2 Class performance through Exam II For the class as a whole we have a range of midterm averages (rounded to the nearest whole number) from 21 to 98. The median is 65. Course Grades Your course grade will be based on your course average. Your current midterm average counts as 60 percent of your grade, and the comprehensive final will count as 40 percent of your grade. Your course average equals: COURSE = 0.60 × MID + 0.40 × FIN Here FIN is your percentage score on the final exam. Letter grades will be assigned according to the “curve:” COURSE GRADE 81 - 100
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Unformatted text preview: A 66 - 80 B 51 - 65 C 40 - 50 D 0 - 39 F Now we turn to the most oft asked question at the end of a semester: WHAT DO I NEED TO GET ON THE FINAL? You know your midterm average, and the grade you want to shoot for. Calculate the (percentage) grade you need to get on the final to reach your goal. For example, consider a student who scored 31/40 [77.5 percent] on Exam I and 150/200 [75 percent] on Exam II. Her midterm average is MID = (77.5 + 75)/2 = 76.25. She wants to make an “A,” to raise her course average to at least 81. So she solves for FIN: 81 = 0.60 × 76.25 + 0.40 × FIN if FIN = 88.13 If she scores 88 percent on the Final she is guaranteed an “A” in the course. She can do a similar calculation to determine as long she scores at least 51 percent she will still have her “B.”...
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