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Tutorial 1 - Tutorial 1 1 Consider a binary cycle shown in...

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Unformatted text preview: Tutorial 1 1. Consider a binary cycle shown in the following page. In the H O cycle, superheated vapor enters Turbine1 with a mass flow rate of 5 kg/s at 4 MPa, 450°C and expands isentropically to 150 kPa. Half of the flow is extracted at point 2 ( 2.5 kg/s) at the pressure of 150 kPa and used for industrial process heating. The rest of the steam passes through a 150 kPa where it is heat exchanger. The water leaves the heat exchanger as saturated liquid at combined with the return flow from the industrial process at point 6 at 150 kPa, 60°C. The mixture at point 4 is then pumped isentropically in Pump1 to 4 MPa. In the Refrigerant cycle, the refrigerant 134a enters Turbine2 at 1.6 MPa and 60°C and expands 600 kPa. Refrigerant leaves the condenser as saturated liquid at 600 isentropically to 1.6 MPa. Both turbines and both pumps are kPa and is pumped isentropically in Pump2 to adiabatic and reversible. Kinetic and potential energy can be neglected. Determine: a) in the boiler of the cycle, b) the specific work (kJ/kg ) of the turbines ( and ) c) the mass flow rate of the refrigerant cycle ( d) the net power output ( e) the rate of heat transfer to the industrial process ( and ) and the pumps ( ) ), and ) P 4 MPa 1 T1 450 C m1 5 kg / s Boiler 1 Steam Turbine 1 WTurbine1 Steam to industrial process Qin 2 P2 150 kPa m2 2.5 kg / s H2O Cycle Refrigerant 134 a Pa 1.6 MPa Heat Exchanger 5 P5 4 MPa Ta 60 C a Turbine 2 WTurbine 2 b Refrigerant Cycle Pb 600 kPa P3 150 kPa 3 m3 2.5 kg / s Condenser Sat. liquid QOut d Pd 1.6 MPa c Pump 1 4 P4 150 kPa m 4 5 kg / s W Pump1 Mixing Chamber Pump 2 Pc 600 kPa Sat. Liquid WPump2 Return water from industrial process P6 150 kPa T6 60 C 6 m6 2.5 kg / s Industrial Process Q Process ...
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