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Adam Smith's dilemma A

Adam Smith's dilemma A - Abortion, Term2,2009 Introduction...

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1 Abortion, Advertising and Ethics ‘A’ A case prepared by John Burton For use by students of MGMT200 Term 2, 2009 Introduction Adam Smith closed the web page he had been looking at, pushed his chair away from his desk, leaned back and sighed. He had just watched an advertisement which the local “Right to Life” group wanted to run on the small town television station where Adam was the sales manager. He had sold air time to this group before but the ads had not been at all graphic in conveying their opposition to abortion. The group was well funded and certainly had the resources to advertise on a regular basis. Nonetheless he needed to think carefully about airing ads on any contentious issue of public concern. This ad sent up his warning antenna because it contained graphic material that some viewers were sure to object to. Background CICD, like many small town television stations was struggling to survive. Since losing their network affiliation three years ago they had seen their advertising rates plummet. Much of their ad sales were at the deep discount level which attracted advertisers of telephone sales of vegetable peelers and CD collections of marginally familiar singers. With the decline in sales the revenue to purchase programming fell as well, resulting in the loss of some popular shows. Every month’s cash flow statement carried with it an air of high anxiety. In short, every dollar of revenue was a real help.
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