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Slide12 - Figure 16.11 COTS-solution and COTS-integrated...

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 16.11 COTS-solution and COTS-integrated systems Elngie product that provides the functionality Eeveral heterogeneous system products are required by a customer Integrated to provide customized ftmodonality Based around a generic solution and standardized Flexible solutions may he developed for customer processes processes Developmmtfoous Is on system configuration Development focus is on system Integration System VBI'IHGF IE I'ES-pfll'lfilblfi fG-I' IT'IEII'I'IE'HEI'IDE System DWI'IE'T IS FEEPGHBIIJIB fDF maintenance System vendor provides the platform for the System owner provides the piatton'n for the system system ...
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