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Unformatted text preview: Figure 1.1 Frequently asked questions about software engineering Hmhedme‘? 'I'Il'natu'elhealtibuheei'goetlaei'tflere? “maximum What are the fundarnentd aei'twere engineering aeiivltlee?‘ Hutlellalli'ammebatleemedlhlneelflmhgand mm? 'I'Ihet In the Illi'arenoe between aoi‘hme engineering and ayatern engineering? II'I'hat are the key cheliengee facing lflfl'llfll-E M 'I'Ihet we the deals of eoliml'e engineering? anmmmmnhmflafl me‘fl‘iech‘? 'I'I'hal differanoea hae the web made to eol’twera engineering? Dammit pmymm mi mm mm. mmmmbedevehpedforeperflwlat mambefledmedtregauflm Good aol’bea'e ahmld dallverihe required functionality and periorn'tenoemflle one: end ehould l:|a tnaln‘tfluille. dependable and uaflle. Wamemanmmme mmumumm. Sammie epatlitteijon, aei'trlete deedeprnenl. mare I.rditleiion entl ao‘l'mar'eetrolulien. mmmmmam I'undarnetlab: mmemmmmmlm mmmmmm System engineetlng h eonoen'retl will] all awe-ate oi' oemputar—beead ayateme development Including hardwu'e. eeliml'e and pr'ooeea UM adhere engineering in pertoi'ihla more general preheat qug with my din-Helm dunendatl' ruined mmmmmm. Reugl'ly' En'iii. of autumn oeele are deedeprnenl ooata. lmt. em taeting ooata. For olJelern eoltwarar evollion oeetaoi'ten enoeed develommntooeta. IMlle el eol'twam I!!!“ have to be pmi’eefllflgr nunmed erfl develop-ed. tlll'l'uetl tedlnkpaa em thlfhantypeedm. Forenarmle. glues. m My! be theaioped mine eerie oi' mmmufitflmmemulm emulamendnflyzfliemhbedaw. mmflfldoreeayfluulemeflmtebaflerman m The II'EtI hee led to the availability of aei'trlere eel-lime and the poeehlllly' ot‘ developing highly dielributad aenrloa—haee-tl eye-lame. Weh—beaed eyetame development hea led to: Important advanoae In programming lenguegee end aei'trrare retrae. ...
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