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Test one lectures 7&8&9

Test one lectures 7&8&9 - LECTURE...

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LECTURE 7 *REGULATORS: 1. Back country rebels revolting against corrupt local officials and illegal taxes and fees 2. Defeated at the Battle of Alamance by the colonial governor and the milita 3. Their revolt was a struggle for local autonomy and the result of sectional and class conflict Local officials: lawyers, courthouses, tax collectors: o Collecting illegal taxes and feels, don’t give Yoemen credit for paying for it if they did so they may seize their land Assembly is controlled by people in the East and they’re not worried about fixing this issue because they elected them—this means conflict is now between East and West (used to be N/S) East has more counties, every county as 2 representatives= dominates the assembly Back country becomes mad & protests =regulators Husband- the leader of the regulators Tryon: wants to set up a capital in New Bern as well as a governer’s palace (funded by taxes, regulators mad) * Fanning : regulators hate him o Sheriff seizes property of Regulator who refuses to pay tax, band of regulators go to Hillsborough to demand the land and fire weapons at Fanning’s house o Fanning arrests Husband (regulator), regulators want him out of jail. They are all tried and the regulators are equitted, Fanning is not punished.
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*Johnson Riot Act o Attorney general could try cases in other counties o Anyone who didn’t come to court summons for a riot could be shot o The government could use the militia to enforce this act *Battle of Alamance o Colional govt. (lead by Tryon) commands milita o Few is hung on the battlefield, no trial o
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