Test one lectures 3&4

Test one lectures 3&4 - LECTURE 3 Early European...

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Unformatted text preview: LECTURE 3 Early European Exploration and Settlement: Come in the 1500s, after Renaissance sciences, art, improvements on navigation(maps, astronomy)/ship building Main goal was to get to India and Americas to set up trade (find the trade route) English, Spanish, French all affect NC the most SPAIN: Verrazano (1524)- Italian navigator, worked for France. o *He is the first known European t explore the coast of NC He thought the Pamlico sound was the passage to India Ayllon (1528)- Spain o He landed on the coast near Wilmington and tried to have a settlement but it failed de Soto (1540)- comes thru the mountains looking for gold, didnt stay in NC, continued west Currituck (1566)- Spanish tried to settle there(Currituck, part of outer banks) real quickly Pard (1566)- comes into blue ridge mountains, builds forts and leaves THE SPANISH THEN GIVE UP ON NC: NO GOLD, BETTER DOWN SOUTH ENGLAND: Elizabeth I Queen of England, a Tudor o *Ruled England during the first attempt to settle NC o Virgin Queen Never married o Walter Raleigh she was found of him, they plan to settle the new world Amadas & Barlowe (1584) o explorers sent by Raleigh to find a place to establish an English colony (Oacracoke Inlet to Roanoke Island) o bring back to Native Americans: Manteo & Wanchese o...
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Test one lectures 3&4 - LECTURE 3 Early European...

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