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Checkpoint Clinical Interview Questions - Checkpoint...

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Checkpoint Clinical Interview Questions Crystal Lees Client: Female, 9 years old. Q’s = questions CA=client’s answers Info= what I could learn from client’s answers. Q1. Who did you grow up with in your household as far as parents? CA: Step-mom and Dad Info: I will learn if she was adopted, and what home life care she received. Q2: Do you have any siblings? CA: Yes. 1 younger half-sister that I live with all the time, and a step-sister from my step-dad, and 1 half-sister by my mom’s house and a half- brother by my mom’s house. Info: I will learn what she may feel her position is, and if she feels too much responsibility due to having a younger siblings to look after. Q3: Do you see your Biological Mother? CA: Yes. Every other weekends, and some holidays. Info: I will learn the relationship with her mother and if it exists. Q4: How do you feel about your step parents? CA: I like them. (Doesn’t say too much) Info: I may find from my client not saying too much, she has some resentment in some way towards this issue. Further questioning on this topic would take place.
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Q5: Tell me about school? CA: I like it. I like to read a lot, and be alone in my room.
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Checkpoint Clinical Interview Questions - Checkpoint...

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