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Running Head: NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION                                               Non-verbal  Communication   1 Nonverbal Communication Terra Smith Athena Career Academy
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2 Non-verbal Communication Introduction Nonverbal communication; this is an often overlooked form of communication that is a vital part of everyday communication. Humans communicate in a variety of ways, some of which they are conscious to and others often are done unconsciously. We sometimes do not even realize how much we say without ever speaking a word. Things we often do not even think about can be monumental to the person we are communicating with. In the health care setting, this is even more important for a variety of reasons. We are all aware that patients communicate nonverbally and to watch out for things that can be extremely important to their diagnosis and treatment. What we do not always know or are aware of is our own nonverbal communication. Description of the topic Non-verbal communication is potentially the key to positive and caring communication between patients and health care workers. It is an often overlooked, but invaluable tool to communicate with the patient-both while talking and as well as actively listening to them. Patients report that they feel the health care worker is listening to them and cares about them and what is going on when we have a positive and receptive nonverbal communication; often called “body language”. This can be from things as simple as sitting at the same level as the patient or
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Nonverbal Communication - RunningHead: Communication1...

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